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Which American Home Warranty Plans Offer the Most Benefits?

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Buying a home for the first time can be a major adjustment for those who previously rented. In a rental, when something broke down, tenants could simply contact the landlord for repairs. After purchasing a home, the responsibility for the repairs falls to the homeowner. Fortunately, there are american home warranty plans that can ease the burden of this new responsibility.

Cost of Appliance Repair

A home’s appliances are a vital part of maintaining a healthy and happy home. Without kitchen appliances, food storage and preparation would be quite difficult. In addition, the appliances meant to help clean up, like a dishwasher, ensure an efficient method for maintaining a clean home.

If any appliance in the kitchen breaks down, it can bring many of the functions of the home to a grinding halt. Immediate repairs are necessary to get things running properly. Unfortunately, many homes do not have room in their budget for such repairs. Depending on the situation, kitchen repair can run between $50 and $500 or more if the unit needs to be replaced.

Although homeowners should make allowances for these types of repairs in their household budget, that is not always possible. With the current level of inflation, many people are finding it difficult to save any money. Fortunately, a home warranty plan can help.

Kitchen Appliance Plans

One of the most common and least expensive types of home warranty plans is the kitchen appliance plan. For a low monthly cost, homeowners can have all their home’s basic kitchen appliances covered. This coverage includes the home’s refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher, and built-in microwave.

If a covered appliance breaks down, homeowners can simply contact the home warranty company. They will dispatch a local technician to provide the repairs to the appliance. Once the technician arrives, homeowners simply pay the agreed-upon service fee. Any repairs will be made at no extra cost. In addition, if the technician feels the appliance is beyond repair, homeowners can have it replaced.

Cost of System Repair

Although having an appliance breakdown will cause problems, having a system breakdown could potentially make the home unlivable. The major systems of the home provide the necessary services to keep a home safe and comfortable. The coverage includes the plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems.

System repairs can be minor and relatively inexpensive when they are simple issues. However, if the problem is large or has caused other damage, it could range into thousands of dollars for repairs. Proper maintenance of a home’s systems can minimize some of these issues but may not eliminate the possibility of a problem.

Home System Plan

Fortunately, homeowners can save significantly with a systems plan added to their home warranty. It works similarly to the plan for kitchen appliances. A simple premium is paid monthly or even yearly and a set service fee is paid whenever repairs are needed. The only difference with a systems plan is that replacement services may have limits, depending on the warranty company and plan purchased.

Additional Coverage Options

Homeowners are not limited to just the basic appliances and systems coverage. There are additional coverage options they can choose from. For example, homeowners can add coverage for a water filtration system or a washer and dryer.

Home warranty plans are a great way to save money on the cost of repairs in the home. These plans can be customized to meet the needs of almost any homeowner. With the cost of everything going up, saving on repairs can help homeowners manage their budgets a little easier.

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