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4 Benefits of Moving Blankets

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If you are in the process of moving, you know that you need to pack your belongings carefully. This means using packing supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. But what about blankets? Can’t you just use regular old blankets to protect your furniture during transit?

Actually, using moving blankets is a much better idea. Here are four reasons why:

Keep Furniture Clean

Firstly, moving blankets are much better at keeping your furniture clean during the move. They’re specially designed to be extra thick and durable, which means they won’t tear easily and will keep your furniture free from dust, dirt, and other debris. The fabric is also non-abrasive so you don’t have to worry about scratches or any imperfections on your furniture during transit.

If you have valuable furniture, renting or buying moving blankets is worth it because you will prevent small dings and dents from the moving process.

Make the Move Easier

As you know, moving can be quite a hassle. But with moving blankets, you’ll make the move much easier on yourself. These blankets are designed to protect your furniture, so you don’t have to worry about the tedious wrapping and taping that comes with moving.

With so much stress and hassle, doesn’t it make sense to take opportunities to simplify? Moving blankets are one way to make your move easier, as they keep furniture safe and secure during transit. When you have moving blankets, friends and family won’t regret offering their help.

Protect the Floor and Walls

Moving blankets are fantastic for protecting not only your furniture but also the floors and walls in the places you’re moving from and to. When you slide furniture around or carry it down the stairs, you don’t have to worry about leaving scratches on the walls with moving blankets. The blankets provide cushioning and keep your furniture safe from bumps.

Too often, people spend years looking after rental property only to have their deposit withheld when they move out because of scratches on the floor or wall. Moving blankets can save you from that kind of situation.

Easy to Carry and Store

Finally, moving blankets are also ideal for carrying and storing furniture. Moving blankets are lightweight and easy to carry, so you can save your energy for more important things during the move. And when it comes time to store the furniture, it’s much easier to just wrap a blanket around it than try to move or find a box large enough.

How Do You Choose Moving Blankets?

Rather than using a throw or a standard blanket, make sure you buy moving blankets. Moving blankets are designed to protect your furniture from scratches and dings during the move, so they should be thick enough to absorb shock. It’s also important that they are made of a durable fabric, such as cotton, so they can handle the wear and tear of a move. Of course, make sure your blankets are large enough to cover your furniture fully.

Moving blankets can be found in many sizes and styles at most home goods stores. What’s more, you can also find them for sale online or at moving truck rental facilities. In terms of wrapping your furniture, make sure to wrap each item individually and tightly, with no overlapping fabric.

Aside from protecting your furniture during a move, there are several other benefits to using moving blankets. Why not invest and make your move easier this year?

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