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Erling Haaland: The Best Football Player Who Represents The Norway National Team

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Erling Haaland is a world-recognized professional football player who plays for the premier league club of the famous and recognized Manchester City. He is one of the best players who also represents the Norway national team. He is best known for his athleticism, speech, and finishing moves, which he often shows in various matches. 

Erling’s Age, Height, Weight, And Zodiac Sign  

Erling was born on 21st July in the year 2000 and at present, his age is 22 years old. He was one of the best players who stood at a height of 1.94 m and a weight of 88 kg. He has unique blue-colored eyes that are rarely found in football players and blonde hair, which he used to wear in different styles.

Apart from this, his zodiac sign is Cancer, which represents that he is emotionally nurturing, highly intuitive, and sensitive. 

Erling’s Early Life, Education, And Sports Club

Erling was born in Leeds, a city in the United Kingdom, to Alfie Haaland and Gray Marita Braut. His father was also a football player, one of the most well-known personalities who represented national teams. His father was in the profession of football from 1994 to 2001 and represented his football team.

His father was one of the best defenders as well as strikers at that time, whose moves could not be predicted and stopped by the opponents. His schooling was completed at an academy, Bryne FK, which is situated in or near his hometown. Since his childhood, he went to several sports academies, got training on a daily basis, and received sports education in a professional manner. 

Erling’s Career And Passion For Football 

Erling was passionate about football since his childhood, and his father played a significant role in his football career. At the age of 5, his father sent him to various sports clubs and societies to gain professional knowledge in sports and make a career out of it.

His career started in Bryne, his hometown, where he joined the club at the age of 5. He started playing professionally in 2015, and at that time he represented the Bryne Club.

Afterward, in 2017, he joined the Molde club, for which he played several matches, and at present, he is with the Manchester City club. He had placed in various national and international tournaments and had a lot of fame and name. He is one of the most brilliant players who has gained worldwide recognition in a very short period of time. 

Erling’s Relationship

At present, Erling is not dating anyone, and he is one of the most eligible bachelors. At present, there are a number of girls who like him, admire him, are crazy about him, and want to date him, but he doesn’t want any relationship.

He is a very focused person who, at present, wants to make his career more successful and brighter. He is so passionate about football that sometimes it is said that he is married to football. 

Erling’s Social Media

Erling is one of the best social media personalities who has more than 18 million followers on his official Instagram account, with more than 300 posts in which he shares his various pictures and videos from the football ground. Apart from this, he is a very famous Twitter personality who has more than 2 million followers on his official account, where he tweets frequently about his gameplay and life.

He is also a well-known Facebook personality and has more than 13 million followers on his official Facebook account, which contains his various pictures and personal details. 

Erling’s Net Worth 

The great and one of the most well-known players in the world has a net worth of $12 million.2 million. 


How many premier leagues have Erling played yet?

Erling has played 4 premier league matches till now.

For which team Erling’s Father used to play football?

At his time, Erling’s father used to play for and represent the national Norwegian football team.

How many football clubs have Erling joined?

Erling joined a number of football clubs where he played several matches, namely Bryne, Nottingham Forest, Leeds, United, Manchester City, and Rosseland.

What are the nicknames for Erling?

Erling has been given two nicknames, namely, Man Child and Big Earl.

Does Erling have any siblings?

Yes, Erling has two siblings, one big brother named Astor and one older sister named Gabrielle Haaland.

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