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How french interiors can make your home look more elegant and chic

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If you want to make your home feel more elegant and chic, consider adding elements of French interiors. A traditional French style can be achieved with a few simple changes throughout your home. From furniture to flooring and wall decor, with the help of interior designers like Maison De Luxe French Interiors, you can create a beautiful space worthy of Versailles.

French interiors are an evergreen favourite.

A French interior is full of elegance and charm. It’s characterised by a lot of natural light, high ceilings and simple yet elegant furniture. The colour palette tends to be neutral, focusing on white, gold and tan. French interiors were popularised in the 18th century in France, but they’ve remained stylish ever since.

If you love the classic design but want something more modern, or if you’re looking for inspiration for your next home renovation project with Maison De Luxe French Interiors, then this guide has everything that you need.

There are several things you can do to give your home the look and feel of a luxurious French. 

Layering patterns and colours

The French have been known to layer their spaces with colour and design by layering rugs, area rugs, pillows and artwork on top of each other. Layering patterns and colours will help you create layers of visual interest. This creates an eclectic look in the home that makes it feel like you’re walking through a gallery every time you walk into a room.

Use one design in a room to create a sophisticated, elegant look that is still chic.

Injecting bold jewel tones

  • In France, reds, blues and purples are used as accents throughout many rooms in homes because they bring energy to any space without being too overpowering or distracting from the overall design of the room itself. These colours also create warmth, which translates into comfort for those who regularly live or work inside these spaces. This can be another added benefit when choosing them for decorating purposes.
  • Use bold jewel tones in artwork, rugs, furniture and accessories.
  • Use jewel tones in small doses—like a single chair or painting—to complement a room with a bold colour scheme. For example: if you have orange walls and dark wood furniture, try adding jewel-tone throw pillows to add contrast to the room.
  • If you want to use jewel tones but are afraid it won’t fit into the space you want it for because of its vibrancy, consider using white as your backdrop instead of beige or grey walls. The white will help balance out the intensity of the colours while still allowing them to pop.

Adding white marble elements

If you want to add sophistication and elegance to your home, white marble is an excellent material for French interiors. White marble can be used in many ways, including as an accent wall or as the base of a fireplace. The most common way homeowners use white marble is by adding it to the kitchen countertops.

White marble has been used as a part of French interior design since ancient times because it symbolises purity and perfectionism. It’s also easy to clean, so if you want your home to look elegant without having much maintenance, this is definitely worth considering.

Using light-coloured woods in furniture and cabinetry

One of the most popular woods for French interiors is white oak. It has a smooth finish and is relatively light in colour, which makes it an excellent choice for this style. White oak is also very easy to work with and can be stained to match any colour you want. White oak comes in various finishes, including clear coat lacquer, satin lacquer or polyurethane varnish if you prefer a more matte look.

There are many steps to creating a french interior.

A French interior is more than just furniture and decor. It’s a feeling and an aesthetic. The room should be bright and airy, with high ceilings, natural light and neutral colours. French interiors are known for their use of ornate mirrors, but they can also be quite elegant without them. If you want to recreate this style in your home without buying expensive antique pieces or spending hours waxing floors, there are some easy ways to do so:

  • Use lighter colours like white or pastels instead of dark colours (unless darker accents complement them).
  • Choose smooth textures over rough ones, like leather seats or textured fabrics like corduroy, which will add warmth to any room.

By following the steps above, you can give your home and office space a french feel. If done correctly, it will look chic and luxurious while still being comfortable and inviting. It’s a great way to bring some French style with Maison De Luxe French Interiors into your home, especially if you can’t afford to buy expensive antique furniture. A traditional French style can be achieved with just a few simple changes. 

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