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Pikashow Apk V83: Know All Details, Latest Version, Download & Its Features

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About PikaShow

PikaShow App is the best streaming experience on Android. With live cricket, TV shows, new movies, and more download it today to get all your entertainment in one place!

The Pikashow app provides users with everything they want to see, right at their fingertips. Watch a live show, access entertainment, media, and sports content, or browse through the latest headlines in the news. It’s all possible on one convenient app.

Download any TV Show, Movie, or video! You can do it right here with our awesome app. Plus, we have a guide if you want to learn more about downloading videos- just Read here.

Regardless of your connection speed, you’ll be able to stream all your movies with our high-quality premium contents. You can choose among several playback qualities, starting at 240p and going up to 4K according to your needs.

Pika Show is an application for Android mobile phones. To install the Pika Show you need the V83 APK file of the updated version and for old or new users, visit this page and download the Pikashow v83 APK file on your mobile phone.

Previously, it was updated with Pikashow APK versions V10, V60, V65, V78, V79 V80, V81, and V70-V82. You can get these previous updates by scanning for them directly on your mobile device.

You can see that Pikashow has been updated to the latest version, which is V83.

The upcoming versions of Pikashow are V84 and V85. Every version brings features that users love and demand. So, to all of you who will be watching the ICC T20 World Cup 2022, I recommend downloading the latest version of Pikashow, APK V83 of  2022.

How To Download The Latest Version Of Pikashow Apk V83

The best way to watch live cricket matches is with PikaShow. If you’re looking for this app on the Play Store, don’t bother – Google doesn’t allow apps like this. You’ll have to get it from us. Here’s how:

1) Open Chrome and search “PikaShow Download” in Google.

2) A list of sites will appear with different versions of PikaShow. Click on the first or second site if they both still work.

3) The PikaShow app will start downloading now! Remember that it’ll download faster if you’re using a better internet connection than before

Pikashow is compatible with most operating systems on every major computing device. In this article, we’ve given a detailed explanation of how to download and install Pikashow for Windows, Pikashow for PC/Laptop, and Pikashow for iOS devices.

How To Install The Latest Version Of Pikashow

Download the latest version of Pikashow on your Android phone. It’s available for free in Google Play Store. Open the app and click “Install.”

 You don’t need to go anywhere else to update the Pikashow app. If you have any problems or requests, let us know.

To open the Pikashow app, all you need to do is open it from your home screen.

Once you open the app, you’re immediately presented with three options: GET APK, WEBSITE and UPDATE.

If a download is available, you’ll see Install as an option. You have to click on the Install button.

When you click on the cancel option, then a setting option will appear and you have to click on it.

After closing this window, a new one will open in which you can enter Pikashow App

Above, we have seen how to download the APK file. Below is one method that you can use on Android for installing Pikashow’s APK file.

You should ensure you have downloaded the Pikashow APK in both its old and new versions onto your android mobile.

Next, you’ll want to open your phone’s settings. From there, navigate to “System & Security” and then “Unknown Sources”.

To access these apps, you’ll need to turn on Unknown Sources. In Settings > Security, there is a box that says “Unknown sources.” Tick it.

The process for each APK installation is the same.

Now, use your Android to install the Pikashow V83 APK 2022 file.

Features Of  Pikashow V83

Pikashow has many amazing features that are completely free for you to enjoy. In paid applications, these features would cost money, but Pikashow always offers its customers freebies. Let’s take a look at some of Pikashow’s features-

  1. Pikashow is an app that gives you the option of Bollywood, where you can watch South Indian Hindi dubbed movies or Hindi movies for free.
  1. Are you a big Hollywood movie fan? You’ll love this new app that gives you the opportunity to watch more than one Hollywood hit in Hindi, right on your phone.
  1. Use the features of this series to watch quality web series, like (insert show’s name), as soon as they are released.
  1. Pikashow is full of features, one of which allows you to watch more live TV channels like News, Sports and Comedy. You can do this from LiveTV or QuickTV.
  1. When evaluating the Pikashow app, Joe found a few other features that were particularly attractive.
  1. The Pikashow app developers are adding new features to it every day. With its popularity, users are requesting more features from it. So, a few days ago, Pikashow APK was running V82 and now, it has been updated to V83.
  1. The latest version of Pikashow is better than ever. This update includes a new navigation system for a faster loading experience, and various changes to the app’s design.
  1. At the moment, there is a craze for South Indian movies. If you like to watch them in Hindi dubs, you will be able to find movies of this genre in Bollywood as well. The list includes both of the best Hindi movies and other Hindi-dubbed South Indian movies.
  1. On the homepage of Pikashow Apk, you’ll find the Pikashow Official Telegram channel. You can join this channel through which you will get first-hand information about any new movie we upload.

How To Use The Pikashow App?

The first time you download and install pikashow, you’ll be excited to find out how it works! You’ll have a lot of questions on how to use it properly. We’re here to answer all of your questions.

First, install Open Pikashow. Once it is done installing, open Open Pikashow. If there is a manual installation of required add-ons, follow these instructions.

The only two options you’ll see are Next and Skip; choose the first option.

Once you’ve located your desired category, you’ll see many different options to choose from, such as Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, and TV series.

This is a top entertainment application providing easy-to-navigate content on the online mode platform. You can be updated with the latest and newest content on this application.

While there are many applications that compete with Pikashow, it’s still the most popular and should remain No.1 choice.


What is all about Pikashow?

It is one of the most popular online entertainment applications throughout the world.

Is Pikashow safe to use?

There is no doubt to use Pikashow, it is a completely safe and 100% secure app.

What is the most recent APK version for Pikashow?

Pikashow: V83.

Which other app can I use to watch the IPL and World Cup matches besides Pikashow?

Different providers, are Hotstar, Tata Play, Jio TV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

What country does the Pikashow app belong to?

The Pikashow app belongs to India.

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