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Retail Marketing Technology Bluecore Raises $125m In E Series Funding Round Led By Georgian

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Bluecore expertise in retail-seller interaction using AI technologies. Recently the company has gained the Unicorn tag with over Series E $125M investment, in this funding round investor Georgian played a led role, now the total valuation of Bluecore stands now at a staggering $1B.

In earlier series D funding, which came in May 2020 Bluecore raised $50M, but now doubling their investments they’ve crossed over 100M in series E. In Series E, the Head investor Georgian led the funding round and invest $225M along with many other investors who participated such as Silverlake Waterman, and FirstMark.

Bluecore basically works on the betterment of retail-seller interaction. It makes it easier for customers to connect with sellers with the help of advanced AI technologies. It addresses experiences a shopper should receive across ads, TVs, search engines, websites, etc.

Quite evidently, retailers have seen a staggering 3X rise in their revenue and a 30% increase in repeat buyer rate with the help of bluecore services! The New York Times featured Bluecore with the headline:

It is essentially the era of personal commerce more than ever, where the competition of sellers with other retailers is at its peak. Shoppers expect a certain degree of results from their advertisement investments.

Now that bluecore Is A Unicorn with such huge investments, the organizers are seeking to proceed with their funding to enhance their product development with the help of AI technologies.

There are three main sectors at the core of this organization: Bluecore Communicate, Bluecore Advertise, and Bluecore site.

Communicate deals and concerns by automating customer communications which are personalized and based on customers’ interests; Advertise uses google ads for predictive modeling; and Site, which uses predictive signals to deliver personalized campaigns for marketing.

Services offered by Bluecore:

Unified Retail Data Model

Bluecore the Unification of real-time customer behavior and product Data to provide unique insights and customer behavior.

A.I. Driven Recommendations

Bluecore gives recommendations that are AI-Driven and optimized for real-world performance.

Automated AI-Driven Workflows

You can request AI-Driven automated workflows by sequencing and prioritizing events.

With recent investments in Bluecore, this is only going to improve threefold. 

Relationships of brands with customers are very critical and sensitive—  and for this to improve and remain consistent, it’s important that first interaction with the customer is effective,” said Fayez Mohamood, CEO of Bluecore.

“Ever since we started, this has been our priority and this has helped us not only reach out for a second time more but also revenue for brands has increased.” Bluecore hence is one of the fastest-growing startups in the United States.

“ Bluecore is basically a retail-specific, personalization platform, and there’s a combination of 3 kinds of data here. The first one is customer identity. Second, the behavior of the shopper. And then lastly and most significantly, the product catalog of our retailer, and with this, we give best possible services.”Mohamood explained.

The fact that bluecore has achieved the accomplishment of becoming one of the greatest startups in the US cannot be ignored specially in the current inflation. With recent investments of $100M Series E, they are all set to improve and revolutionize the sector.

Interestingly as Bluecore has seen instant growth, so has its hiring. It used to have 236 employees initially, but now that has shot up to 300 and might go up to 400 by the end of this year. The organization also has a huge diversity among employees and retailers. 

While talking about diversity in the workplace CEO Stated,

“I’m extremely glad and proud of the fact that half of our executives are females. We have a committee that ensures diversity and equity at the workplace and most importantly work on how we can work further on making the workplace further diverse and better” He said.

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With series e $100m bluecore can see itself becoming a public company anytime soon – but before that profitable growth is their immediate goal. Now Bluecore has attained the unicorn tag with the recent funding round after netting  $125M at a staggering $1B valuation. The company seeks to up its game with recent funding and gain more profit in the coming time.

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