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That’s No Moon A Game Development Studio Raises $100 Million Funding From Smilegate

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That’s No Moon Entertainment is a new company in the field of game development that has attracted more than $100 million in investment from Crossfire creator Smilegate in a very short period of time.

That’s no moon is a studio that includes Taylor Kurosaki as an interim team member. Taylor Kurosaki is also a former studio and at present supports, That’s No Moon Entertainment in its narrative design. 

The Vice President of Smilegate says that “ our company has seen various ups and downs in the field of gaming as well as investment.” But, we always tried our best and have generated more than $10.5 billion in the form of revenue till now.

We are looking forward to generating a larger and larger audience in the West. The $100 million investment in That’s No Moon Entertainment is a small step towards this. We see that in the upcoming future, the investment we have made in this startup is going to create a positive environment for us where we have a lot of customers and revenues.  

Kim says that “Smilegate, at present time, is one of the most developed companies in the field of gaming, having more than 670 million registered players.” The company is still moving ahead and looking forward to more growth and expansion opportunities in the new areas. For this, the company is deciding to recruit more developers in the West studio who are talented, hardworking, motivated, experienced, and innovative.

That’s no Moon stated that at present, the main motive of the company is to provide “best in class” triple-A formal games. Also, the company is working hard to compete with its competitors, namely: God of War, Fortnite, The Last of Us Part 2, Destiny, and many others. 

In an interview with GamesBeat, Mumbauer stated that “It seems quite challenging to have a 100-person team and a $100 million budget.” We feel that, as a new studio, we have done excellent work, and this $100 million investment is also an unexpected investment in such a short time as per takahashiventurebeat.

He further said that it is a challenging as well as a sensitive project for us because it is quite possible that the game “triple” can exceed the budget. Moreover, the cost of staffing will also be raised as there is a requirement for more staff to complete the project on time.

But, as far as I can see, “we are a successful company as we are employing very strong and supportive staff and developing a very strong core.” Apart from this, “ our goals are well defined and clearly stated to implement everything.”

Creating something unforgettable 

Mumbauer says that our goal is very clear-“to create stories and characters that are unforgettable.” We want to create content that will remain in the hearts and minds of people forever and forever, even after its end. 

Our working staff is in Los Angeles and San Diego, and from there we operate. Our entire team works in coordination and is very focused on the intersection of games, film, and TV.

Our staff consists of employees who are creative, collaborative, responsible, practical, enthusiastic, and supportive. The company, along with its growth, is also developing a group of employees who are passionate developers and rich in innovation. 

Kurosaki went on to say that he hopes to create something with this team that focuses on compelling new-generation narratives for single-player games like Call of Duty and Uncharted Franchises. 

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