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The top fielders who are expected to make a mark in this edition of the T 20 world cup

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T- 20 cannot be rated to be a form of slam-bang cricket, as fielding has an important role to play. Due to the fact that the striking of the ball takes place at an enormous pace, the boundary riders need to be always on their toes. ICC T 20 cricket promises the best of cricket that too at your fingertips. Once upon a time, a full-fledged dive to stop a boundary was a delight, but no longer it is the case as all these are considered to be normal in the game of cricket.

Just as the skills of batting or bowling have touched new heights, so too are the fielding levels that have gone one notch higher. A small fielding effort can motivate the team and the spark levels tend to ignite. Below are mentioned a few of the top-tier fielders in this edition of the world cup.

Glenn Maxwell

Australia is blessed to have a plethora of fielders both in the interiors and outer ring. Someone who is expected to take the fielding levels to the next level is Glenn Maxwell. During the power plays he is known to dive full length to save any boundaries, and he is a safe bet in the boundaries. The best part about him is that he barely misses a shy at the stumps. It is seen during the tense moments of a cricket game it is his fielding that does all the difference. His fielding, along with his hard-hitting abilities and part-time spin has turned out to be really important for Australia. This could turn out to be the difference in Australia defending this edition of the world cup.

Martin Guptill

If the name of a quality fielder emerges, this player from New Zealand is expected to make it to the list on all counts. Not only he is vibrant, but his amazing fielding skills do go on to rub on to other players. It is a matter of real surprise if you come across any fielder in New Zealand dropping any catches or indulging in some form of misfield during a game.

When it comes to the choice of a quality fielder in this world cup, he is bound to tick all the boxes. Well, who on earth can forget the runout that he inflicted on MS Dhoni in the semi-finals of the ICC world cup in 2019? He is also blessed with the knack of flying in the air and taking some mesmerizing catches. Not only is he a safe bet in the inner circle, but he also turns out to be an effective boundary rider on all counts.

David Miller

If you look at South Africa, a trend that is visible is that very rarely you are likely to come across any weak links in their fielding. Their fast bowlers, along with their captain, turn out to be a live wire in the field. But if you are looking to choose someone who is a class apart, then the name of David Miller topples the list. For a few years, he has been one of the best fielders on the team, as he can grab catches from any position. At the business end of the tournament, grabbing those catches under pressure is an achievement in itself. His anticipation levels have gone on to ensure help when it comes to the boundary-saving sphere.

Chris Jordan

Since the debacle of the 2015th world cup, England has gone on to enhance their fielding by a notch ahead. Ben stokes is a worthy fielder, but one of the fielders that the world is looking forward to is Chris Jordan. There are hardly a few fielders in the world who is good at their own bowling, and he is the perfect bill on all counts. Some of the catches that he has gone on to take off his own bowling are simply mesmerizing. It would be fair to say that he is a bird who can go on to fly in any direction. When he is at the boundary ropes, England is fairly relieved that there is not going to be any sort of goof-up.

Shadab Khan

 Once upon a time, the fielding of Pakistan was unpredictable, but this is no longer the case. With Pakistan fielding, they may go on to drop the simple sitters, or in some cases, they could end up picking unbelievable catches. Though in the last few games, they are below par, fielding efforts have gone on to cost them a few games. But here we do have Shadab Khan, who goes on to impress the cricket world with his amazing skill levels on the fielding front.

It is fair to say that you can go on to grab any position in the field. In some cases, you could see him in the inner circle stopping those full-fledged drives or diving full length from stopping the boundaries. Apart from that, he is one of the few fielders in Pakistan who has a strong throwing arm. Ever since he has gone on to become the vice-captain of Pakistan, it is evident that his performances have gone one step higher. When it comes to the large grounds of Australia, his fielding is bound to be a major asset for the team.

Rashid Khan

This name might confuse you as to how you think one of the best leg spinners in the world makes it into the top fielders. Due to his athletic effort, he is better than any other individual. Apart from that, his all-around effort turns out to be a definite cause of inspiration. One of the focal points of this player from Afghanistan is that he can go on to cover large areas of the ground. However, his favourite area is when he fields straight on the boundary. Of late, his batting skills have improved at the same time.

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