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What Should You Know About Skin Needling Rollers? 

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It is obvious to scoff at or be perplexed at the idea of hundreds of needles penetrating your skin. But do you know that a skin needling roller can have a wide range of benefits and completely change the appearance of your skin? This handheld device has a roller with rows of tiny needles that you can use for your facial, which can also be a convenient and cheaper alternative to your skincare regime.  

If you want to make these derma rollers a part of your skincare, you can learn more about them in the following section. 

What are derma rollers?

A derma or a skin needling roller is a device with a cylindrical body with a long handle. The cylindrical surface has numerous needles that prick the skin surface creating ‘micro-injuries’. 

When your skin has micro-injuries, it has to work hard to repair the cells, causing increased elastin and collagen production. 

What are derma rollers used for?

The main use of derma rollers is to improve skin texture and address pigmentation issues. The device also works well for people with acne scars and fine lines.

Studies have revealed that four micro-needling sessions can increase collagen levels by 400 per cent, making the skin firmer. These rollers allow skin care products to penetrate better into the skin and provide better results.

Are derma rollers painful?

It is certainly not a pleasurable experience to have hundreds of needles rolling over your face. But it wouldn’t hurt you either. You may feel some discomfort that is within your tolerance limit.

What are the benefits of micro-needling?

As a derma roller boosts elastin and collagen production, it can effectively address the signs of ageing. It can also work well for thinning or loose skin. 

Derma rolling can also benefit scarred and dehydrated skin. Regular use of derma rollers has resulted in fading acne scars which lie deeply rooted in the layers of skin that only needles can reach. Even if you have acne-prone skin, you can use this device, but make sure you don’t roll it over active pimples.

Derma rollers also help in skin cell turnover by shedding the outer layer. It can work wonders for those with hyperpigmentation, as shedding away the skin ensures that the new skin is not affected by discolouration.

How would you pick the right roller?

While you can always buy longer needles, choosing derma rollers with a needle length of 0.5 millimetres is best. Any needle above this length may damage your skin if not handled carefully.

Also, before buying, do some research. It is best to buy from trusted stores and sites and check if the product is adequately sterilised.

Do you need to use a serum?

Using a serum is entirely a personal choice. If you use one, ensure it benefits your skin after entering the pores. You should remember that ingredients in some serum may cause adverse reactions if it enters deep into the skin. 

It is best to steer clear of serums loaded with vitamin C and retinol. Instead, you can use hyaluronic acid-based serums that can seal your skin’s moisture and assist its regenerative process resulting in improved skin texture.

Dermatologists may disagree with at-home micro-needling because if not done correctly, you may end up causing more damage to your skin. Hence, before incorporating it as a part of your skincare routine, do thorough research and proceed cautiously. You should also know that these treatments require repetition, so you must be patient to experience the best results. 

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