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WWE Legend Big Show’s Wife Bess Katramados: Her Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career & More

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A former American model, Bess Katramados is a beautiful lady inside and out. As a model, she didn’t get that much fame but after her marriage to the wrestling legend, the Big Show, she got tremendous fame. As a wife, she proves her dignity and loyalty, toward her husband. 

In this article, we’ll tell you everything about this beautiful model turned Big Show wife.

Bio Of Big Show’s Wife Bess Katramados

The former model, Bess Katramados is a successful lady in her career as well as in her personal life. She has proved to be an honest, supportive, and caring wife. She has her own rules for living a dignified life.

Her husband, the famous and one of the most successful wrestlers, Big Show has gotten comfort after the arrival of Bess Katramados in his life and he accepted this by himself. She is the 2nd wife of the wrestler and he adores her a lot.

Age, Height, And Weight Of Bess Katramados

Bess Katramados was born on July 13th, 1970. She is a 52 years old impressive lady, and it is another thing that she doesn’t look 52 at all. She has looked after herself so well, that makes her look so young even in her 50s. According to her date of birth, she is a Cancerian zodiac sign. 

She is a tough and tall lady with a height of 5’8” and bears a body weight of around 65kgs. The height and weight are not according to the Big Show’s giant posture but as the saying goes, it is the heart that has to match not the body. 

Early Life And Educational Details Of Bess Katramados

Bess Katramados was born into a Christian family in America’s Illinois Estate. Her parents are caucasial by ethnicity so she. The name of her mother and father are not known as she didn’t ever reveal them, maybe because of their privacy and security.

She even never disclosed the name of her siblings as well. We just know that she was very close to her grandparents in her childhood, even more than her parents. 

Bess has done her schooling at Illinois Lutheran High School. As she did not have much attraction to her studies, she started to struggle as a model after her final years of high school. According to some sources, she has done graduation as well from New York City but the proof of it was not known.

Career Details Of Bess Katramados

Before meeting Big Show, Bess has already turned over a new leaf, by starting her modeling career. She has such an enchanting face and a unique curvy body physique that was enough for becoming a model.

But she didn’t get much stardom from her modeling. Despite this, she still continues to be a model and works with many companies. She even visited many exotic destinations for her modeling works like Florida, Miami, Odessa, etc. the total span of her modeling career was not known.

When she met the Big Show and decided to get married, she decided to leave her modeling career. Now she is a homemaker and manages her house like a boss. 

Husband Of Bess Katramados, The Big Show

On 11th February 2002, Bess tied the knot with the wrestling champion, Big Show. Paul Donald Wight, popularly known by his ring name, The Big Show, probably because of his giant body posture. 

They met in 2000 during Bess’s modeling career. At that time, The Big Show or we can say Paul Donald Wight was married to her 1st wife, Melissa Ann Piavis.

Paul was not happy with his first marriage. When he met Bess, he understood the real meaning of love and decided to get married to her, but before joining Bess, Paul Wight decided to finish the 1st chapter of his marriage life and decided to divorce Melissa Ann Piavis, his 1st wife. He divorced her in 2002 and got married to Bess Ktarmados in the same year without any delay. 

They are still happily and prosperously living their life together after almost 20 years of their marriage. This shows that Bess is the right choice for Big Show as his life partner. They are happy parents of 2 children of their own, their names of them are not known. Bess also has a stepdaughter named Cierra Wight, who is from the 1st wife of Paul. 

The Net Worth Of Bess Katramados

She worked as a model during her young days. She did not get the fame she deserves and did not get the stardom as a model well. But still, she had succeeded in earning a considerable amount of money from that.

Today we don’t have any clue regarding the net worth of the model turned Big Show’s wife but as we know, Big Show is a popular and famous wrestler with a huge fan following along with a huge amount of worth. The current worth of Big Show is about $20 million. 

Social Media Handles Of Bess Katramados

Bess Katramados is not active on social media. She is a family woman and does not like to share every personal detail with the public. 

On the other hand Paul Donald Wight or Big Show is present on social media. He has a total of 2.4M followers on Twitter and 1.4M followers on his Instagram account and we sometimes witness the happy Big Show family on his social media accounts. 

Recent News And Controversy Of Bess Katramados

Bess is a family person, as we discussed above, she likes to get away from any kind of controversy or news. But we have always seen her standing tall and strong with her husband in every situation. She is the pillar of strength of the giant Big Show. 


Who is Bess Katramados?

Bess Katramados is the 2nd wife of the wrestling champion The Big Show.

When did they get married?

They tied the knot on 11th Feb 2002.

Is Bess Katramados married before tying her knot with Paul Donald Wight?

As the details about her, are present on social media, they show that Bess is not married to anyone before her marriage to the Big Show.

What is the age of Bess Katramados?

52 years old.

Is Bess Katramados present on any social media platform?

No, she is not active on any social media platform.

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