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Essential Tips To Find Experts For Newborn Photography Melbourne

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The arrival of a baby is a special phase for any family. Each day, Melbourne is filled with a new life. Many parents wish to capture special moments with the help of a professional photographer in Melbourne. There are unique concept photo shoots for babies with innovative costumes, making the entire experience fun and memorable. Parents cherish these pictures for a lifetime. However, choosing the right professionals for newborn photography in Melbourne is essential. 

You should be able to trust the photographer with the correct poses and safety of your baby. You should be able to have confidence that the pictures will turn out to be amazing! As there are several professionals for newborn photography in Melbourne, it takes time to make the right choice. 

Here’s a look at some tips on finding a newborn photographer:

Before you move ahead with your research, you should shortlist some professionals in Melbourne. Make a list of photographers whose photography style appeals to you. There are various styles of photography for newborn babies which differ from one another.

  • Lifestyle Photography

These photographers have a photojournalistic take towards newborn photography. They document the baby and the family members candidly, and there is little posing for the photo shoots. Then some photographers have natural yet planned ways to take pictures. They will take the photos at home but instruct you to pose a certain way. 

  • Studio Photography

The studio photographers have a prim and proper approach as they bring props from the studio to your home. They are experts in posed photography, and they direct the family members as well. The photographers might use hats, colourful costumes, and props during the shoot. The style of photography plays a role when choosing newborn photography in Melbourne

Some Questions You Should Ask A Newborn Photographer:

  • What training and experience do they have?

It is essential to ask a potential photographer about their training, qualification, and experience. This is important for newborn baby photography because they work with fragile babies. The person you trust with your baby should be trained enough. 

  • How do they create baby poses?

Some photographers work on advanced baby poses like a potato sack or a froggy pose. They work with props such as baskets, buckets, shelves, etc. It is not safe for babies if they are left unsupported. Photographers take pictures offering babies support and then photoshop them. Ask the photographer if they provide such composite images.

  • What age window babies do they photograph?

The photographers set a window for the age of babies based on their photography style. For posed photography, the first few weeks are perfect, as babies are sleepy most of the time. Also, they like the curled-up positions. On the other hand, the window is larger for lifestyle photography. 

  • Where will be the photoshoot location?

This is an important consideration because some photographers offer sessions at home while others at the studio. They should be flexible with both as you have just had a baby. Shots are usually convenient for new parents at home as it’s safe, tidy, and spacious.

  • Are they available?

Ask the photographer if they are available at the window when you wish the session to take place. 

  • Do they edit and retouch the images?

Apart from taking the pictures, the photographer should also offer colour correction, retouching, and editing. This improves the final look of the image.


You need to choose the right professionals for newborn photography in Melbourne for a great experience. The newborn photographs are memorable and precious. The baby is never going to be the same ever!

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